You can now advertise your business in this fishing section.

Side Bar Ads

$9.99 per month, Cancel any time.  Automatic billing, so set it and don’t worry about it.

See example below for how our ads look.

We can help grab a picture for you from your website or you can send us one via email.  The text link will be your businesses name only.

You need to contact Kevin to get approval for your business to advertise in this section of our website.

10 Side Bar Ads Maximum for This Section

Purchase a side bar ad and we will feature your business in the specific category as well.  If you own a resort, you would get the side bar ad and another ad on the fishing resort page above the free listings.

Content Marketing

You can advertise your business throughout other areas of our site as well under the fish sections that apply to your business.

For example, if you have a resort on a lake that has awesome muskie fishing in the spring, you can get an advertisment that talks about your lake in the spring and it will be followed up with your resort at the end.

It has to be relative to that web page for us to approve it.

See an example on our Walleye Fishing in the Spring page.

Contact us to see if we can find something that works for our website as well as your business.

Other Website Work

Kevin does content creation and content marketing for any business, not just fishing.  Send us an email to see if he can help you with your project.