Sections of Lac Seul

Northwest Part of Lac Seul
Ear Falls

The west side of Lac Seul is all about the walleye and pike.  If you have ever visited the east side and caught muskie and/or smallmouth bass over there, don’t expect to find that on the west side of the lake.  The walleye and pike fishing is world class, so that doesn’t change and the river fishing near Ear Falls is outstanding if you want an option for windy weather.  We have an entire section on our website about the Ear Falls area, so if you want to learn about the fishing on the other area waters in that area, take a look.

East Part of Lac Seul
Sioux Lookout

On the east side of the lake, you will find some amazing fishing for walleye and northern pike to go along with some trophy muskie and smallmouth bass fishing too.  Muskie and smallmouth bass aren’t the primary species of fish here, but if you want to catch muskie and/or smallmouth bass with the walleye and pike, you can do that on this part of Lac Seul.  You also have many other lakes to fish with a variety of fish to catch.  You will find excellent fishing for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and lake trout too.

Learn more about the Sioux Lookout area if you want to fish this side of the lake.

West Central Part of Lac Seul
Perrault Falls Area

This part of Lac Seul is just south of Ear Falls, however, many people do choose to come fish this part of the lake for many reasons.  One, you’re close to some of the popular areas that anglers drive down from Ear Falls to fish and the boat ride is much shorter if you just choose a resort down here.  Two, there are a lot of options for anglers that want to fish other lakes.  You can enjoy the awesome walleye and pike fishing on Lac Seul, but just a short drive away, you can experience much better smallmouth bass fishing and muskie fishing in the Perrault Falls area compared to Ear Falls.  We have an entire section dedicated to Perrault Falls, Ontario, so take a look to learn more about this awesome area to fish.