Northern Pike

Lac Seul has some diverse structure with parts of the lake looking like your typical Canadian shield lakes and other areas that look more like a southern reservoir.  This lake has so many islands, reefs, weedy bays, narrows and points that anglers have so many options for targeting northern pike.  If you want to target pike here, finding the weedy bays is a good place to start, however, a lot of pike will hold on the rocky structures as well on Lac Seul.  Anglers can find pike in many of the same areas that you will find walleye.  Most anglers that come to Lac Seul will usually be fishing for walleye, so you might not always get a good pike fishing report when researching this area.  The northern pike are here and there are plenty of big ones.  If you choose to target them, you should be able to catch plenty of northern pike and fish up to and above 40 inches are definitely possible.

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Our northern pike section is huge with information on the best lures, live baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our northern pike page to learn more.