Fishing Calendar

Fishing in the Spring

The spring is a great time to fish.  During the walleye opener, the better bite is usually up in the Ear Falls area since this is a major spawning destination on Lac Seul.  Many anglers will come here for the awesome spring walleye fishing, so plan on seeing lots of boats and lots of big walleye during this time of year.  You can still catch walleye and pike throughout the entire lake though.  Fish the rocky shorelines and islands with a mix of shallow and deep water.  Spots that have some current running into the lake are awesome spots to fish in the spring as well.

Fishing in the Summer

Early in the summer, there will still be a lot of fish shallow, so target the rocky shorelines of the main land and around the islands.  Some of the bays will still offer some very good fishing too.  Once warmer weather sets in, the fishing will almost always be better on the main lake points, islands and offshore structure.

Fishing in the Fall

In the fall, the fish are gorging themselves to get ready for the winter.  Plan on finding plenty of fish in the shallows as well as deeper water.  Some fish move shallow in the fall, but plenty will stay deep as well.  As the end of fall nears, the better bite will usually be in deeper water.

Fishing in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Lac Seul is pretty remote, however, there are some businesses still catering to anglers through the winter which makes it a little easier to plan a trip here.  The lake is huge and the fishing can still be great for walleye and pike as long as you have the equipment to handle these colder temperatures.