Kentucky Lake has some outstanding crappie Fishing.  Hit it right on this lake and you can fill your limit in a hurry.  The spring is the most popular time to target crappie here as thousands of fish move into the shallows throughout the lake.  Find the shallow water wood and you will most likely find some crappie.  Fish in the 12 to 15 inch range are not uncommon here with some bigger fish caught too.  The summer and fall are not as easy as most of the better fish will be found around offshore structure.  However, if you hit 10 or more good brush piles in deeper water, you should still be able to catch plenty of crappie once they go deeper.  The key is to have many good spots to move to until you find the schools of crappie.  There are so many brush piles in this lake that it won’t take long for you to find some quality spots to fish if you have some good electronics.

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