Kentucky Lake is a very good channel catfish lake, although, most anglers don’t really take advantage of this catfish fishery because they are busy fishing for crappie or bass. From late spring through early summer, you’ll find channel cats spawning along the shallow rocky shorelines.  They are easy to catch once you find them.  Live nightcrawlers, chicken liver, live minnows and cut bait will work. The main lake channel offers excellent fishing during the summer.  Using your electronics to find fish will help you to put more fish in the boat.  There are a lot of catfish schooled up during the summer and they won’t always be right on the bottom.  Sometimes, live shiners fished a few feet off the bottom will actually catch more fish than fishing on the bottom.  Because they feed on shad, it is not uncommon to catch a catfish on accident with a deep-diving crankbait.  Fall provides some good fishing as well, but as water temperatures drop, it gets a lot harder to catch fish.  From late fall through winter, your best bet would be to fish the tailwaters.

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