Inshore Fishing

Bay Fishing for Flounder

Flounder are targeted in the bays near oyster beds, around piers & bridges, in tidal creeks, in canals around docks and many other areas that you can fish inshore, so you have a lot of options in the bays.

Bridge Fishing for Flounder

The bridges are good spots to fish for flounder.  The tidal changes move water through these areas and flounder can often be found here looking for an easy meal.

Dock Fishing for Flounder

Flounder will often be found around the docks.  They don’t need much water, so don’t rule out the shallow water docks, however, the deeper docks tend to hold more fish and better quality fish.

Fishing the Creeks, Inlets & Backwaters for Flounder

During high tides, flounder move into the creeks, inlets and backwaters.  Fish the tidal change on both sides of the high tide and you’ll have more success.