Best Ways to Catch Lots of Flounder

It’s All About the Destination

Some destinations are great for flounder.  These are usually areas with a lot of backwaters to fish with ideal depths around all types of inshore cover.

Fish the Tidal Changes

Tidal changes bring better fishing, so fish during the tidal changes if you want to catch more fish.

Fish the Docks

The docks will hold flounder, so if you want to catch a bunch of flounder, you may need to find a nice dock pattern and keep hitting as many docks as you can before the tide turns into a slack tide.

Fish the Bridges

The bridges with some deeper water can hold a lot of fish and flounder will be there too.  These are great spots to fish for flounder during the tidal changes.

Fish the Mouths of Inlets (Backwater)

In the backwater areas, there are often smaller creeks or inlets and the mouths of these areas can be very good during a tidal change.  On an incoming tide, flounder will pass through these inlets as they move into the creeks.  On an outgoing tide, flounder will be coming out of the creeks and moving into deeper water and you can find them as they pass through the mouths of these spots.

Fish the Passes in the Fall

The passes that separate the ocean or the Gulf from the inshore bays are where it’s at in the fall.  Flounder will move out of these passes as they move to offshore waters in the fall.  Fish during the tidal changes in these passes and you may run into a big school of flounder moving through.