Best Ways to Catch Big Flounder

It’s All About the Destination

Some destinations are known for producing big fish.  Time it right and you can catch some very big flounder.

Upsize Your Baits Just a Little

Bigger flounder will eat bigger baits.  Upsize your bull minnows or go to a decent-sized pinfish if you want to catch a bigger flounder.

Fish Deeper While Inshore

Many of the bigger flounder will be just a little bit deeper than a lot of the smaller fish.  Target these bigger flounder by fishing just a little deeper.  For example, if you are fishing docks in 3 to 6 feet of water and you’re catching fish, try to find some docks that go a little deeper, so maybe 4 to 8 feet or even 10 feet of water.  You won’t always catch bigger fish by going deeper, but you will catch more big flounder over time if you target a little deeper water.

Use Live Bait

It’s tough to beat live bait.  This is a no brainer.