Best Live & Natural Baits

Bull minnows are one of the best baits for flounder.  Most good bait shops will carry them.  If you are fishing specifically for flounder, we highly recommend picking up some bull minnows if they are available.

Finger mullet are great baits for flounder.  They are the perfect size and you can usually cast net them with no problem.  Just make sure not to go too big with these baits and use the appropriate sized hook for the size of fish that you are using.

Pinfish are great baits for flounder.  You can find pinfish all over the place inshore.  Catch some and put them back out there as bait.  Use the smaller pinfish in that 2.5 to 4 inch range for better success.  Once you go bigger, you will get much less bites.

Shrimp are great baits for flounder.  These fish will pick up a dead shrimp, but live baits tend to work much better for flounder, so find some fresh, lively shrimp and you will most likely do much better.