Other Area Waters

Smaller Lakes

There are so many smaller lakes in this area if you want to go exploring.  You won’t find too many outfitters here that cater to this type of fishing, but there are definitely some in this area that can help put you on some awesome fishing lakes for walleye and northern pike and trout.  Many of the lakes in this area also have very good fishing for brook trout, which is very unique.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is just south of Lake Nipigon, so you can easily do some fishing here as well.  It is known for its excellent salmon and trout fishery and there are plenty of charters here to get you out on the water.  The rivers and streams that feed Lake Superior in this area are also known for having some excellent spawning runs.  You can catch salmon and trout in this rivers when the timing is right.  The steelhead fishing is popular on them in the spring and fall.

Nipigon River

The Nipigon River is known as a great river for targeting brook trout.  Fish it from shore in some areas to fish it in a boat.  There are several guides that target the brook trout in this river as well to help put you on some of the better spots.  There are some quality fish in this river too, so don’t be surprised if you get a shot to catch some big brook trout.  Steelhead also run the areas rivers, so if you time it right, you may find some good fishing for steelhead in the spring and fall.