The Area Waters

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park is a large wilderness park in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and the Atikokan is located very close to the entrance of this park.  The park is a world famous destination for backcountry canoeing with over 2,000 lakes.  The park gives people a chance to fish, hike and explore areas in a more remote setting.  The park is huge, so you aren’t going to fish the entire thing from Atikokan, but there are plenty of awesome lakes to fish here within a short drive from many of the resorts in the area.  It is a very popular canoe area and is also one of the best places to fish for smallmouth bass.  There are plenty other fish to target here as well, but smallmouth bass are definitely king in this area.

Official Quetico Park Website

Finlayson Lake

Finlayson Lake is a long, narrower lake with so many great spots to fish.  There are many islands, bays, rocky shorelines, points and main lake structure to fish.  Anglers fish for smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and lake trout here.

Marmion Lake

Marmion Lake is a good-sized lake and it is known for its awesome smallmouth bass fishing.  There are good numbers of bass on this lake to go along with some very big fish too.  It is one of the top lakes to fish for smallmouth bass in the area and if you like fishing lakes with a lot of water to fish, you have plenty of good smallmouth bass spots here.  If you take a look at this lake on the map, you will see all the awesome spots you can fish with so many bays, points and islands to fish here.

Seine River System

The Seine River system gives you the best of both worlds; good river fishing and lake fishing too.  There is always somewhere to go to get out of the wind and still catch some fish on this river system.  The fishing is very good for many different types of fish.  It is one of the better smallmouth bass destinations in this area and also has some very good walleye fishing too.  Mix in the northern pike, perch and crappie and you have a lot of options for catching fish here.