Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are available in good enough numbers that you can target them and catch some fish.  Many anglers will catch a mixed bag of rainbow trout and smallmouth bass when fishing very deep in the late fall through early spring.  The lake gets stocked with thousands of rainbow trout, which helps to support a solid trout fishery here.  If you are looking to catch a trout, rainbow trout are here in much greater numbers.

Brown Trout

Brown have been stocked too, which has replaced a lake trout stocking program.  Anglers do report catching brown trout here with some big fish too.  They are here in much lower numbers than the rainbow trout and are known for being a tough fish to get to bite during the day time hours in this clear water.  Most anglers that catch a brown trout will do so by trolling.

Learn More About Trout Fishing

Our trout fishing section has information on the best live baits, lures, flies, where to catch them and how to catch them.  It also covers all of the popular species of trout as well.  Visit our trout page to learn more.