Types of Cod

There are several types of cod.  Take a look below to learn more.

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod is a popular food fish that has had a limited harvest put on them due to declining populations in recent years.  They can grow very large with some fish reaching up to and above 50 inches and up to 77 pounds.  They are a top predator among the bottom fish community and they feed on a variety of invertebrates and fish.

Black Cod

Black Cod are another popular cod, although, it is not a true cod.  The big fish are usually found offshore in very deep water.  We are talking depths of up to 600 feet.  If you want to target a fish around 4 feet long and over 40 pounds, you’re going to want to go deep.  A lot of the smaller fish that anglers target and enjoy eating will be found shallower.  They eat a variety of crustaceans and fish.  They are a very popular food fish.


The lingcod is a popular fish from California to Alaska.  It can be found along the inshore waters and way out in offshore waters as well.  It is definitely one of the uglier-looking saltwater fish, but it provides anglers with some fun action and a fine meal.  It can grow as large as 75 pounds, but most fish are caught in the 5 to 25 pound range.

Anglers will anchor and drift for lingcod.  Lingcod are found along the bottom so heavy sinkers are a must.  Stiff action rods set up with herring and chunks of other fish is the most productive method for catching these fish.  If you’re looking to use artificial baits, try using jigs close to the bottom.  Many fishermen catch rockfish while fishing for lingcod.  Both species of fish have firm, white meat and taste delicious.

Pacific Cod

Pacific Cod are another type of cod, however, these fish are not as highly coveted as the other species of cod.  For many anglers, these fish are considered just another fish that they toss over the boat as they seek out the better-tasting cod.


The Alaska pollock or walleye pollock is another type of cod.  It is a schooling fish found in the North Pacific with the largest concentrations found in the eastern Bering Sea.  These fish are found in deeper water along the bottom.  Jigs and live baits work great for them.



There are over 250 different species of rockfish.  Even though there are so many different species, they all have similar behaviors.  They are bottom feeders and they hang out in very deep water.  Most fishermen catch these fish in 100 to 300 feet of water.