Offshore Fishing

Cobia can be caught offshore throughout the water column.  You can find cobia on the reefs and wrecks that will also hold grouper and snapper.  When fishing near the bottom with live bait fish on the reefs and wrecks, don’t be surprised if you run into some cobia.  Just remember, cobia are migratory fish that are mostly caught from late spring through summer.  If you are fishing offshore and you spot a ray or a big ball of bait fish during this time of year, there is a good chance that some cobia will be around.  If you make sure that you have a rod ready for fishing just below the surface, you will be ready when you run into a ray or a school of bait fish.  You never know when you may run into them and if you do, they are fairly easy to catch with live bait.  They also taste delicious, so it’s a good idea to have a rod ready for them just in case.