Pond fishing for carp is very popular and there can be some huge carp in ponds.  Because ponds have much shallower water than lakes, the water will warm much faster in ponds during the spring.  You can expect the carp to begin feeding more aggressively a couple of weeks earlier than in the nearby lakes.  Carp will be found throughout the pond, but you can usually catch some fish shallower in the morning and evening.  During the summer, expect to fish much deeper than in the spring and fall.  The wind can also play a big role in ponds.  The wind-blown shoreline will almost always hold some carp.  It may not always be the best place to fish in a pond, but the wind-blown shoreline is almost always a good place to start.

The Shallow, Muddy Ponds Can Be Great

These ponds are great for carp fishing usually and they have very few obstacles to fish them if any at all.  Unlike weedy ponds and rocky ponds, you don’t have to worry about getting snagged up in the ponds that have a mucky bottom.

Fish the Spillways

There are tons of ponds out there that have spillways that are used for dumping the neighborhood rain water into them to prevent flooding in the streets, by the houses, parking lots, etc.  After a rain, these spillways can be very good for fishing.

In Some Ponds, You Can Catch Carp Right Next to the Shoreline

In some of the murky water ponds, you can catch some carp right next to the shoreline at times.  You will usually know if carp hang close to the shoreline just by walking the shorelines of these ponds.  If you are scaring carp away from the shallows, you might want to set up one line along the shoreline.  You can often see carp cruising around or feeding on the surface close to the shorelines.  If the carp are there, you don’t need to cast far out to catch them.

Ponds That Get Chummed By the Neighborhood Kids

Some ponds will have some neighborhood kids and/or parents that come out and feed the fish with bread or other things.  Bread is great because carp love bread.  These people are usually feeding the little sunfish along the shoreline, however, some very big carp can often be found just a little deeper trying to get in on the action too.  If you run into any of these ponds, it might pay off to go fish early in the morning when nobody is out there yet.  Throw a few pieces of bread out if that is legal in your state and get ready for the fish to come charging in.

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