Catch Bigger Carp

Fish Big Fish Waters

Ponds and small rivers are known for producing some big fish, but the problem is that they don’t produce a lot of big fish.  To get a better shot at a big fish, it’s nice to know that you can fish a body of water that has tons of big fish.  Since people usually don’t plan a fishing vacation to target big carp, we haven’t researched the best big fish carp destinations throughout the country.  However, bigger rivers and the Great Lakes are a great place to start.  These bodies of water are home to some very big fish.

Use Bigger Baits

Bigger baits will still catch some small carp and big carp can be caught on just a few kernels of corn, so the bigger is better argument doesn’t always work.  However, if you are using bigger dough balls or other pre-made baits, you do have a better chance of running into some bigger fish on a more consistent basis.

Fish the Ponds That Get Chummed

Since most anglers don’t keep carp, it doesn’t matter if a pond is fished by a bunch of people.  If they catch a big carp, they are probably letting it go.  If you can find a pond where a bunch of people are known for feeding fish there, it is possible that the carp in the pond are getting more food to help with their growth rates and their thickness.  Find a well-fed carp pond and you will usually find higher than average growth rates and heavier fish per length than in other ponds.

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