Best Destinations

Carp are found throughout the country and in many different types of waters.  Most people do not plan fishing vacations in the United States or Canada based on carp fishing.  However, some people do come to the states to fish for carp and there is a small niche growing in the fly fishing community who are targeting these fish.

The Great Lakes

If you’re looking to catch a big carp, try fishing the bays and harbors that are part of the Great Lakes.  There are some absolute giant carp swimming in these waters and most people will never target them.  In the clear waters, they will spook easily, however, if you target them, you can catch some giants.

Big Rivers

On the bigger rivers such as the Illinois River and Mississippi River, there are so many places to fish for carp and the bigger waters will grow some bigger carp too.  You also have plenty of shore fishing spots along these rivers where you can get in on the action even if you don’t have access to a boat.  Fish the backwaters and you’ll find plenty of carp and some big fish move into these areas during high water periods.

Don’t Rule Out The Smaller Rivers & Ponds

You can often find some very good carp fishing without having to travel far.  The ponds and smaller rivers are home to some awesome carp fishing.

Fish Down South

There are plenty of rivers and reservoirs down south that are home to some excellent carp fishing and almost nobody is fishing for them.

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