Lake Taneycomo Trout Fishing

Rainbow Trout

Lake Taneycomo provides some spectacular fishing for rainbow trout.  There aren’t a lot of huge rainbow trout here, but there are very good numbers here since they regularly stock the lake year-round.  Because the water stays It is a year-round fishery and it is easily possible to have 30 fish days or better if you put in the time.

Brown Trout

The brown trout are not here in as good of numbers and they are not as easy to catch, however, there are plenty of brown trout here with some very big fish too.  For anglers that are looking to target a big trout, they will usually go for brown trout.

Catch a Big Trout

Near the Closed Zone

From the closed zone 760 feet below Table Rock Dam to the mouth of Fall Creek, you can experience some of the best fishing for bigger trout on Lake Taneycomo.  Due to the special regulations in this part of the river, expect to find bigger rainbow trout and brown trout here.  They may not always be easy to catch, but lots of quality fish make their home in this water of Lake Taneycomo.