Inshore Fishing

Fish the Flats

Barracuda are often plentiful along the inshore flats that will also hold bonefish, permit and tarpon.  Anglers target these fish with tube lures, long crankbaits and long soft plastic swimbaits.  When fishing in clear water, it is fairly easy to see these big fish cruising along the flats.  At times, you may see bonefish and other smaller fish scattering in a hurry on the flats.  This usually occurs when a barracuda or shark invades the flats to find an easy meal.  If you see a barracuda chasing other fish on the flats, you have a real good chance of catching these fish if you can get a lure in front of them.

Fish the Bridges

The bridges are great spots to find barracuda.  They may be better during low tides in many areas, but don’t rule out the high tide either.  A lot of water moves back and forth through the bridges which brings a lot of bait through, so make sure you’re fishing during a tidal change and there is a chance there can be some barracuda around.

Fish the Passes

Passes are awesome spots to fish for barracuda.  Most of them have some deeper water and the tidal changes bring so much bait through these areas several times per day.  Make sure to fish during the tidal changes and you’ll have more success.

Fish the Jetties

The jetties are great spots to fish for barracuda.  Some jetties will also have a pass there too, which means lots of moving water through a choke point where fish have to go through to get to the other side.  Mix in a bunch of rocks from the jetty and there’s going to be a lot of bait in these areas.  Fish for barracuda and you’ll most likely run into some of these fish here.