Types of Fishing

Inshore Fishing

Bluefish are one of the most popular species of fish to target inshore on the Atlantic coast. You can find bluefish on the beaches, in the bays, inlets, around jetties and many other areas inshore.  Surf fishing for bluefish is one of the most popular ways to fish for them on the Atlantic coast, especially during the mullet migrations.  Anglers fish for bluefish many different ways inshore.  You can catch bluefish trolling, jigging and with live bait.

Offshore Fishing


Surf Fishing


Pier Fishing


Nearshore Fishing

Bluefish are known as an inshore fish, but they are also found nearshore as well.  Anglers will often run into bluefish when they are running the beaches looking for active fish.  Trolling is very popular when searching for bluefish in the nearshore waters.  You may find them around structure or in open water chasing bait fish.