The spring brings a lot of excitement to striped bass anglers who have been waiting for the next fishing season to get started.  After a long winter, striped bass will be on the feed in the spring as water temperatures warm.  When water reaches the mid 60s, most striped bass will be spawning in rivers and brackish areas.


In freshwater, anglers can find striped bass shallower than in the summer time with the cooler water temperatures.  As waters warm, plan on finding plenty of stripers up along the shorelines feeding on bait fish.  They may not be as shallow as you will find largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, but they will be much shallower compared to where they will be found in the summer.


In saltwater, the warmer weather that spring brings will help kickstart the striped bass migration up the East Coast.  The fish will move up into the Maryland area in April, then up along the Jersey coast in May and June and then up into the New York area in the summer.  It all depends on water temperature and bait fish and some areas will see some fish earlier or later depending on the year, however, the peak of the run usually hits around the times that we mentioned.