Time of Day

Morning & Evenings

The mornings and evenings will almost always provide a peak bite for striped bass.  The middle of the day bite can be good at times, so don’t rule it out, however, if you’re serious about catching striped bass, plan on fishing during those low light conditions.


In the afternoon, the bite can be tough, however, at certain times of the year, the bite can actually be quite good.  In the spring and fall, you will usually hear about awesome fishing reports with anglers catching bass during the middle of the day.  With water temperatures a little cooler than the summer, stripers may stay active throughout the day.  If you’re fishing during the middle of the day, be persistent because a lot of times, a school of stripers will turn on and then turn off super quick.  You may have a few 10 minute windows where you are going to catch all your fish with some slow time in between.


The night bite can be very good for stripers.  There are a lot of anglers that target striped bass at night.  Make sure you have everything you need to stay safe because catching a 20 to 30 pound fish in the day is hard enough.  Doing it at night can be exciting, but downright dangerous if you’re fishing the surf in the ocean.  Many anglers report the best bite occurred during that first hour after dark.  At times, those picky fish will turn on just after all the other anglers have gone home.