The summer still provides plenty of exciting fishing for striped bass.  In saltwater, on the east coast, the migration is in full swing, so you can find plenty of fish in all of the typical hot spots.  In freshwater, you are going to have to start going deeper as water temperatures warm up.


Plan on fishing deeper as water temperatures warm into the 70s and even higher.  Early morning and late evenings are usually going to be the best times to fish, so make sure you are on the water when the bite is happening.

Fish the Rivers

The rivers usually provide cooler water temperatures and better oxygen levels throughout the water column because of the moving water.  Because of this, you can find active stripers throughout the summer in the rivers.  It still may be a peak morning and evening bite and it may be difficult during the middle of the day, but it may be a lot easier to find active fish than fishing in a big lake with tons of deep water.

Use Live Bait

Live bait works great from spring through fall, however, in the summer, you may have to go to live bait to catch some fish.

Get the Trolling Gear Out

Sometimes you just have to get the trolling gear out so you can cover more water and find more active fish.  You can slow troll the rivers with planer boards and live bait or artificial lures or you can go with downriggers to fish deeper on those big lakes.  Both methods work.  Some anglers just use a heavy drop shot rig and their favorite live bait as they slow troll deep water with their trolling motor.


In the summer, the striped bass migration is in full swing on the East Coast.  Anglers are targeting striped bass in all the typical hot spots.  From surf fishing to piers to the bays and inlets, anglers are catching striped bass all along the east coast.