The Spring Can Be Awesome

Striped bass move up the rivers to spawn when water temperatures reach the mid 60s.  Fish these rivers and you will have a shot at huge numbers of stripers.


In the summer, the fishing can be tougher, however, the better striper rivers will still give you plenty of opportunities at catching good numbers of fish and some giants too.  Fish deeper, slow down and use live bait if the bite is tough with the artificials.


The fall brings colder water temperatures and usually more fish in the rivers on lakes that are connected to a river.  You can usually get away with fishing shallower and fishing faster.  The artificial lure bite will pick up as well.

Fish the Current Breaks

The current breaks will hold all kinds of fish in the rivers and striped bass are no different.  At times, you will find plenty of striped bass just out of the current on these current breaks as they rest in areas that are close to a variety of bait fish that may get pushed downstream to them.

Fish the Deeper Shorelines

The deeper shorelines will almost always hold more striped bass than the shallow shorelines.  Striped bass like the deeper water and they can sneak up to grab a meal in the shallows real quick and be back into deeper water in just a few seconds.  These shorelines are ideal for holding more fish and better fish.

Fish the Dams & Spillways

This is a no brainer.  Striped bass like current and they will move up to the dams and spillways to feed on a variety of bait fish.

Fish the Shady Shorelines

A deeper shoreline with some shade on it can be a great spot to fish for striped bass, especially in the summer.