Pier Fishing

Fishing off of the piers can be exciting for striped bass.  The piers are set up great for anglers that want to fish live bait in deeper water.  You can use some artificial lures, but it’s definitely harder to cast lures from the pier, especially if there are a lot of people on the pier.  Some of the good artificial lures to use from the piers are bucktail jigs, jigging spoons and soft plastics.  Anglers will use all types of live bait from the piers, but live eels, squid, menhaden and herring are probably the most used baits.

Landing bigger striped bass from the piers can be a challenge.  Big stripers love to make long runs, which can cause a big problem when there are several fishing lines in the water.  Most people are good about getting their lines out of the way when someone has a big fish on, but it never hurts to be extra nice around the other fishermen nearby so they are more willing to help you if you need it.  A good pier landing net is essential to lifting these big stripers up onto the pier.  Without a good net, you will most likely snap your line while trying to lift the fish out of the water.