Lakes & Reservoirs

Spring Can Be Awesome

With the warmer water temperatures in the spring and big striped bass moving into the shallows, this may be the best time of year to catch striped bass in lakes by casting with lures.  They usually won’t be as shallow as smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, however, many fish will be much shallower than in the summer.  Striped bass will move into the shallows to spawn when water temperatures are in the mid 60s.  The lakes and reservoirs that are connected to a river will usually provide a strong run of fish into the river to spawn.


The fish are going to go deeper.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t find striped bass feeding on the surface as they chase schools of bait fish to the top.  For the most part though, you’re going to be fishing deeper water.  Break out the trolling gear and live bait rigs.


Start deep, then move shallow or start shallower and move deep.  You have options in the fall.  This might make fishing more difficult for the anglers who just like to fish shallow or just like to fish deep.  Watch out for birds and keep a topwater lure tied on because you may see a school of stripers feeding on bait fish on the surface at any time during the fall.  The big key in the fall is to follow the bait fish.  As the bait fish move shallower, don’t be stubborn.  Follow the bait fish and you won’t go home skunked.