Best Ways to Catch Big Striped Bass

It’s All About the Destination

It is all about the destination, but guess what….There are so many awesome striped bass destinations that you have a ton of options.  From freshwater to saltwater, you have your pick of where you want to go to catch them.

Fish Low light Conditions

This is super important for striped bass.  The big striped bass aren’t stupid, so you gotta fish for them when they decide to go on the feed.  Fish early morning, late in the evening and even at night.

Learn How to Fish Offshore Structure

Fishing offshore in freshwater lakes is key to catching bigger fish.  In the spring and fall, you may be able to catch a giant in the shallows, however, most of the bigger fish are going to come from deeper water, so find the offshore structure that holds bait fish and cooler water temperatures.

Use Live Bait

It’s very, very hard to beat live bait for targeting huge striped bass.  You can catch them with artificials, but there is a reason why most of the best striped bass fishing guides will use live bait on most if not all trips.  It is the only way to guarantee that their clients will catch a lot of quality fish.  If you just want to catch a big fish, bring out some live bait.