Fishing for Crappie in Rivers


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There are many rivers that offer some very good fishing for crappie.  Most rivers offer plenty of timber, brush and laydowns, which all can be great cover for crappie.  When the rivers are high, you can find good numbers of crappie in the flooded timber and brush along the shorelines.  When the water is low, more crappie will be found in deeper pools near laydowns, current breaks and bridges.

During the spring, crappie will move into the creeks and backwater areas.  Find some type of cover such as timber and brush, rocks, docks or laydowns and you should be able to find some crappie.  Because most rivers have murkier water, you may not be able to sight fish for spawning crappie like you can in the lakes.  Spend your time hitting as many of the prime spawning areas as you can until you find some active fish.  You will need to spend a few minutes in each area to get an idea if there are any spawners around.  In clear water, you could see the fish.  They may not be easy to catch, but you would at least know they are there.  In most rivers, you won’t have this option.  Brighter colored jigs tipped with live minnows work very well in the rivers for crappie.