The Spinner style jighead is great for swimming or hopping a variety of soft plastics.  This type of jighead is very popular among bass, northern pike and crappie anglers.  Grubs, finesse worms and minnow-style soft plastics work well on the spinner style jigheads.  You can also use a variety of live baits such as nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows.

Curly tail grubs work great on an underspin.  When looking for action, an underspin and curly tail grub will catch so many different species of fish.

Underspins can be an effective way to rig a lizard bait.  Lizards have a lot of action when you swim them, so you can fish them like a swimbait for a variety of bass and northern pike on an underspin.

Underspins are great for rigging curly tail worms.  Swim these baits like you would fish a spinnerbait and you will catch some active bass.  Use a worm with a smaller tail in a baitfish color and it can be very effective for fishing open water around schools of baitfish.

Spinner rigs and/or underspins are great for casting and trolling ringworms.  A steady retrieve works great for walleye and northern pike.  You will also catch plenty of bass this way too.

Rigging a swimming worm on an underspin is a great way to fish them.  Cast them out and wind them in slowly and hang on.

The action isn’t great with these baits on an underspin, but since the spinner is creating most of the action, you don’t need to have a bait that swims on the hook.  You will be surprised at how well these minnow and jerkbaits work on the back of an underspin.

Smaller swimbaits work great on the back of an underspin.  Depending on the size you choose to use, you may end up having an awesome action bait or a big fish bait for so many different species of fish.

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