Rattling Jigheads

Rattling jigheads are more popular with bass jigs.  Some of the better bass jigs on the market with use a rattling jighead as the base of the lure.  However, some manufacturers do make smaller jigheads with a rattle on them.  These are more expensive and it can get real expensive in a hurry if you’re fishing a very rocky area and you keep getting snagged up.  However, they can be very effective for a variety of fish.  They work extremely well on largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

Bass Jigs

Many bass jigs come with rattles and anglers usually report better success with the jigs that have rattles on them, especially when fishing murky water or bumping them repeatedly against a piece of wood.

Soft Plastics

You can use soft plastic baits with a rattling jighead as well.  Rattling jigheads aren’t super easy to find, but if you can get ahold of them, use them with some of your favorite soft plastics and you’ll catch fish.

Live Baits

Live baits work great on a rattling jighead, however, since most anglers use jigheads when jigging on rocky lakes up north, very few anglers actually go with the rattling jigheads since they are much more expensive than regular jigheads.  When fishing around rocky bottoms, you’re going to get some snags and lose some tackle, so many anglers prefer to go with the regular jigheads.  However, the rattling jigheads do work and will put more fish in the boat.  Leeches, worms and minnows work great.

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