Shaky Head Jigs (Standup Jigheads)

This jighead was designed to keep your bait upwards when the jighead is on the bottom.
This works well with soft plastics such as worms, lizards, minnows & crayfish.

Curly Tail Grubs

The bigger curly tail grubs will look good on a shaky head jig.  Some of the smaller curly tail grubs may not fit most of the shaky head jigs on the market though.

Twin Tailed Grubs (Spider Jigs)

A twin tail grub and skirted twin tail grub both work well with a shaky head jig.

Creature Baits

Creature baits go great with shaky head jigs.  Big and small, as long as these baits fit on the shaky head jig you’re using, it will get the job done.


The shaky head jig is a great way to rig a lizard bait.  Hop it along the bottom and make sure you have plenty of pauses.  The lizards sits up off the bottom with these jigs and it looks really good.  Give the bass a chance to eat it.  Most of your bites will come on the pause.

Soft Plastic Leeches

Some soft leeches will fit on a shaky head jig, however, most of them will not.  If you can get a leech on a shaky head jig, it can be a very effective rig.  By keeping part of the leech up off the bottom while you pause the bait, you will usually get a lot more bites on the pause compared to other rigs.

Soft Plastic Minnows & Jerkbaits

Shaky head jigs and minnow baits can work very well together, especially when the fish are right on the bottom.  This is a popular rig when targeting walleye.


Swimbaits actually look great on a shaky head jig.  You can still swim them like you would on a swimbait hook, so don’t think that you need to fish these along the bottom when using a shaky head jig.

Crayfish Baits

Shaky head jigs help keep the crayfish up off the bottom.  This helps draw more strikes from bass than you would normally get by just using a regular jighead where the bait would be crawling along the bottom.

Curly Tail Worms

Curly tail worms look good on shaky head jigs.  Some of the smaller worms may not fit on most shaky head jigs, but the 7 inch worms on up should have no problem.  Fish it slow with a lift and fall retrieve and you will get some bites with this setup.

Finesse Worms

Some shaky head jigs will fit well with a finesse worm, however, many of them will be too small.  If you can get a finesse worm on a shaky head jig, this is a good way to fish a finesse worm.  The smaller, lighter finesse worms will sit up off the bottom easily when fished on a shaky head jig.

Floating Worms

The floating worms that fit on a shaky head jig look great.  These worms sit up off the bottom very well on this rig.

Paddle Tail Worms

The shaky head jig helps keep the bait up off the bottom as you hop it along.  This helps generate more strikes.  Hop it along and pause it for the best results.

Swimming Worms

Swimming worms look great on a shaky head jig.  Swim them in and you will get plenty of bites.  Stop the bait and let it go down to the bottom and the shaky head jig will help the bait sit off the bottom as it rests.  This can entice some big fish bites.

Big Worms

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