Scrounger Jigheads

Scrounger Jigheads will make your soft plastics come to life compared to most other rigs.  These jigheads are incredible for slowly retrieving a variety of soft plastics baits.  Soft plastic minnows that are typically used for jigging or drop-shotting will come to life on a scrounger jighead, which gives you the option of using that same soft plastic as a swimbait as well. You do need to compare soft plastics though because some soft plastics look just ok, while others look incredible.

Curly tail grubs have very good action on a scrounger jighead. Whether you stay small for action or go bigger for bigger fish, you can’t go wrong with a curly tail grub.

Soft minnows and jerkbaits look great on a scrounger jighead.  These baits come to life with a swimming action on the back of a scrounger jighead.

Some swimbaits look great on a scrounger jighead while others look just ok or even terrible.  If you find some swimbaits that look great, they will work for a variety of fish.

A scrounger jighead gives the leech a lot more action.  It can be very effective when targeting walleye or smallmouth bass.  It will catch other fish too.

You can use a scrounger jighead to give these worms a little more action.  Use a lift and fall retrieve or slowly swim them in.  Both retrieves can be very effective for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike and other fish.

Some finesse worms fit well onto the scrounger jighead and the action can be quite good.  Jig it up off the bottom and then it fall or bring it in with a slow and steady retrieve.  Both methods work well for a variety of fish.

Most floating worms look great on a scrounger jighead.  Walleye and bass love this setup.

Ringworms look awesome on a scrounger jighead.  Rip it up off the bottom or swim them slowly.

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