Swimbait Hooks

Swimbait hooks are popular for rigging swimbaits, however, these hooks also work great with pretty much every soft plastic that you would use a Texas Rig or Shaky Head Jig with.

The bigger curly tail grubs will work well with swimbait hooks.  Hop them along the bottom or swim them throughout the water column.

Swimbait hooks and creature baits go well together.  The weight being on the bottom of the hook gives some of these creature baits an awesome gliding action as they fall to the bottom.

If you’re looking to fish a lizard with a more erratic, jerkbait type of action, a swimbait hook can really work well.  You can just work them slowly along the bottom and around cover with a swimbait hook too, but the erratic action looks great as the bait hops up and glides towards the bottom on a swimbait hook.

Swimbait hooks are great for fishing these soft minnows with an erratic jerkbait retrieve.  Give it a quick twitch or two and let the bait glide back towards the bottom.  The bites will almost always come on the fall.

Swimbait hooks work great for fishing with lizards.  It gives the bait a gliding action as it falls to the bottom and it allows the bait to sit up off the bottom a little bit too, which helps draw more strikes.

Crayfish baits can work well on a swimbait hook as well.  The erratic action is good with these baits if you want to use more of a jerkbait retrieve.  If you crawl them along the bottom, the bait will sit just off the bottom, which helps draw strikes too.

For some of the bigger worms, a swimbait hook can be a very effective way to rig these baits.  The swimbait hook will give the bait more of a gliding action, which will help get some bites on the fall.

Some floating worms look really good on a swimbait hook.  Fish it erratic or slowly along the bottom.  Both work well.

The swimbait hook gives the bait more of a gliding action as the bait falls to the bottom.  It also helps keep the bait up off the bottom when you are just hopping it along the bottom.  It’s a good way to rig these baits.

The swimbait hook is how most anglers will fish their swimming worms.  It is super effective and can be fished around all types of cover or in open water.

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