Medium Depths

The medium depths for pike are those depths that aren’t quite shallow, but not quite deep either.  For the sake of this section, we’re talking about fishing those 6 to 12 foot depths.  This is where a lot happens when fishing for pike.  A lot of the better pike lakes will have good weed edges that can be found in that 6 to 12 foot range.  When fishing rocky shorelines and points, pike will roam these depths quite a bit as well.

Find the Weed Edges That Form In These Depths

The weeds will usually be what holds most pike in an area.  As weeds continue to grow with warmer weather, the weed line will move deeper and deeper until it finally stops sometime in the summer.  A lot of the better pike will be holding in this depth range around the weed edges.

Rocky Shorelines Can Be Good Too

Walleye, smallmouth bass and panfish will move into the 6 to 12 foot depths quite often along the rocky shorelines and northern pike will be here too, especially in the spring and fall. Cast or jig these areas and you’ll have success.

You Have Lots of Lure Options

Most of the good pike lures will work just fine in these depths, so you don’t have to break out any of the deep diving stuff.  Even if you are fishing 12 feet of water, if you have a lure running around 5 to 6 feet down, it will usually be deep enough for a hungry pike to spot.  Pike have no problem moving several feet in either direction through the water column, so you have lots of options whether it is spinners, spoons, crankbaits, jerkbaits or soft plastics.