Fish the Lily Pads

The lily pads can also hold some nice northern pike.  The shallower lily pads will usually hold plenty of smaller pike.  The key to finding better areas for pike around the lily pads is to find some areas with some depth.  It doesn’t have to be super deep, but 4 to 6 feet of water on the outside of the lily pads is plenty enough to hold quality pike and good numbers of them.  Any deeper edges will usually be even better.

Bass Jigs

A well placed bass jig with a curly tail or small swimbait trailer is tough to beat around the lily pads. Swim it or hop it around these pads slowly and you’ll get bit.


Spinnerbaits are one of the better baits for moving through the pockets of lily pads. Work these lures in and around the pads and hang on.

Weedless Soft Plastics

Break out the heavy tackle and your favorite soft plastics. You can flip and pitch your favorite plastics in the pockets of these lily pads and you’ll catch a lot of pike. Just make sure your gear is heavy enough to yank them out of the pads.