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Any time you can go out and fish for largemouth bass is a good day to fish, however, there are definitely some conditions that provide much better fishing opportunities.  Take a look below.

Spring Time is Big Bass Time

In the spring, huge largemouth bass move into the shallows and in clearer water, you can sight fish 4, 5, 6 or even 7 pound largemouth bass and even bigger in many of the best largemouth bass fishing destinations.

Summer – Break out the Big Worms

In the summer, fishing can be much tougher, however, if you know how to find them and you can deliver a big worm to them, you have a chance to catch some very big fish.  When it gets hot out, throw a big worm and you will catch some nice largemouth bass.

Early Morning & Evenings

The lowlight conditions of early morning and evening will consistently produce some of the best fishing opportunities from late spring through early fall.  Fish the peak periods and you’ll do much better for largemouth bass.

Overcast Days are Awesome

If you can fish on overcast days, you will enjoy the time you can be on the water.  Fishing on these days is the easiest way to guarantee a longer feeding window and more bass in the boat.

 Schooling Shad in the Fall

On many lakes that are loaded with shad, you can experience some unbelievable fishing when these shad school up in the fall.  On most days, you will see bass erupting on the surface as they push underneath these big schools of shad.  It usually only lasts a few minutes, but you can usually catch a limit of bass very easily during these stretches.  Some lakes are better than others for this type of action, so don’t expect it to be on every body of water.  If you get to experience it though, it’s a pretty cool sight to see and the fishing can be fast and furious.


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