In-Line Spinners

In-Line Spinners work great for largemouth bass, especially during the spring time when bass are feeding on smaller bait fish.  On good bass lakes, you can expect to catch a lot of bass with in-line spinners, although, most of the bass will usually be small to average-sized with some big ones mixed in.  Don’t be discouraged with the smaller bass.  The big bass will still bite this lure.  It is just an appealing lure to small bass as well.

They are Awesome Action Baits, Especially in the Spring

The smaller inline spinners are outstanding action baits in the spring.  If you are just looking to catch a lot of bass, this is a great choice in the spring and early summer.  You will catch an occasional big bass on these smaller spinners as well.  This happens more in the spring than in the summer and fall though.

Go Bigger for Big Bass

The bigger inline spinners are usually baits that anglers think of as northern pike lures.  They work great for pike and muskie, however, some of those bigger inline spinners work well for bigger bass too.