Cold Fronts & Warm Fronts

Warm Fronts

Warm fronts are very good for fishing the majority of the time.  Warm fronts are usually followed by some stable weather for a few days, which makes for some excellent fishing conditions.  In the spring, a warm front is what is needed to get spotted bass on the move towards the shallows.  During the summer, a warm front or heat wave can actually push them out into deeper water, especially in clearer water.  In the fall, a warm front can provide some excellent fishing.  Spotted bass will feed in the cold and even after a cold front in the fall as they get feed up to get ready for the winter.  A warm front will keep the fish feeding, however, it makes fishing more comfortable for anglers.

Cold Fronts

Cold fronts can be brutal, especially on the clear water lakes that spotted bass are known for having good populations on.  The bite can be a lot tougher, so most anglers will fish before the cold front hits.  Once it does hit, most anglers will fish deeper and at times, finesse fishing may be the only way to get several bites.

Some Tips for Cold Front Spotted Bass Fishing

Fish a River

Since the bite usually doesn’t slow down after a cold front, go fish the river.  It’s an easy way to keep catching fish when the guys on the lake may be struggling.

Downsize Your Baits

Most anglers will downsize their baits and use more of a finesse-style of fishing after a cold front.  This can be very effective and may help you get another 3, 4 bites or more on the day.

Fish Deeper

The bite may be tough and these fish may be inactive, but if the fish are deeper, you want to be fishing where the fish are.

Use Live Bait

Live bait is tough to beat and after a cold front.  It might be your best bet to still have some success.