River fishing can be exciting for spotted bass.  These fish are already aggressive and then the river currents make these fish even stronger and the fights can be even more exciting.  It’s too bad the average size spotted bass is so small because big spotted bass in the rivers would be awesome.

Water Levels Make a Huge Difference in Rivers

The water levels play a huge role in where the fish will be as well.  During low water, fish will be found in the deeper pools, making it easy to find them.  When the water is high, fish will be spread out throughout the entire river, but they can often be found along the current breaks along the shorelines.  In high water situations, you may catch spotted bass very shallow in just a few feet of water.  When the rivers are low, the deeper pools usually provide better fishing.

Current Breaks Are Key

Spotted bass relate to current breaks so much in the rivers.  You can usually find plenty of bass in high current areas at times too, but these fish are usually behind a boulder resting while they wait for some food to pass by.  Spotted bass can be found in the current, but those current breaks are going to be where it’s at for catching more fish in the rivers.