Best Ways to Catch Lots of Spotted Bass

It’s All About the Destination

There are a lot less spotted bass destinations than smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, so if you want to catch a lot of spotted bass, you need to get on one of these lakes that is known for having lots of spotted bass.

Downsize Your Baits

Spotted bass have much smaller mouths than largemouth bass.  Because of this, you will catch a lot more spotted bass by downsizing your baits.

Fish Deeper Than Largemouth Bass

Spotted bass often roam much deeper waters than largemouth bass, similar to smallmouth bass.  Pattern these fish in deeper water if you want to put more fish in the boat.

Overcast Days are Key for Clear Water

Most of the best spotted lakes will have very clear water.  Low light conditions make fishing a lot easier and overcast days can provide some awesome fishing days.

Spring is Tough to Beat

In the spring when bass move into the shallows, you can catch good numbers of spotted bass and many larger fish too.  Because spotted bass are very aggressive, it’s easy to catch a lot of these fish when they move shallow in the spring.

Summer is Schooling Time

Summer usually is tough fishing for most anglers when it comes to bass fishing.  However, spotted bass are known for schooling up in deeper water.  Go look for these schools, which will often be found around schools of bait fish and you will find better numbers of spotted bass.

Use Live Bait

A simple nightcrawler, minnow or leech will catch so many more bass than lures.

In Clear Water, Finesse It Up

In clear water, you should use lighter line with fluorocarbon leaders.  6 pound line will get the job done, but some anglers go as light as 4 pound test when targeting spotted bass because most of these fish aren’t very big.  The lighter line and fluorocarbon leaders will help you get more bites in the clearer water.

Ned Rig Will Catch a Lot of Spotted Bass

The Ned rig is such a good rig for catching good numbers of bass and spotted bass are no exception.  Fish it shallow and deep and you will catch a lot of spotted bass if the lake is a good lake for these fish.

Finesse Worms are Awesome Action Baits

Worms are great stream baits.  A well-placed 4 inch finesse worm on a jighead or drop shot rig will get plenty of bites.