Bass Jigs work great for spotted bass.  Fish them alone or rig your favorite trailer on these jigs.  Fish them around all types of cover and you will catch some spotted bass.

Hair Jigs work are one of the better baits for targeting spotted bass in deeper water.  These fish will school up around schools of bait fish in deeper water from summer through fall.  Hair jigs do a good job of simulating these open water bait fish.  When the bite is tough, you can tip these jigs with live bait.

Bladed swim jigs work great for spotted bass.  These lures are a hybrid between a bass jig and a spinnerbait. Just cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  You can count them down to various depths to work different parts of the water column. You have lots of options with these lures.  Fish them over the shallow rocky flats, around the wood, weed lines or out over open water for suspended fish.  This lure is a big fish bait too.