The afternoon bite is usually the toughest time to fish for spotted bass, but these fish are aggressive and if you get the right bait in front of them, you can still catch them.

Cooler Water Temps

When the water temperatures are in the 50s and below, the afternoon sun and warmth is your friend.  If you can fish the afternoon into the evening, you will see warmer water temperatures and usually more active fish.  Depending on the water temperature, this could mean some bass moving into the shallows or at the very least, a few more fish that are willing to eat that weren’t feeding in the morning.

Warmer Water Temps

Once spotted bass set into normal summer patterns, the afternoon bite will usually be tougher until water temperatures drop back into the 50s.  There are other variables that weigh in on the fishing, but warmer water usually means a tougher bite will take place during the middle of the day.  Plan on fishing deeper, slower and you may need to use live bait to keep the bite going.  You can still catch plenty of spotted bass during the middle of the day in the summer and fall, but you might have to change your tactics.