Curly Tail Worms are some of the most common soft plastics that are used for spotted bass.  Hop them along the bottom, swim in them in with a steady retrieve and fish them around all types of cover.  They are great baits.

Finesse worms are awesome for spotted bass.  These smaller sized baits are perfect for the size of their mouths, so if you want to catch a lot of bass, finesse worms are one of the best baits to use.

Floating worms are unique since they float up off the bottom.  These worms can be very effective for spotted bass.

Paddle Tail Worms can be used with a variety of different rigs, but they are some of the best worms to use on a drop shot rig, shaky head jig or just a regular jighead.  Some of the smaller paddle tail worms work great as a finesse presentation for spotted bass.

Ringworms are great baits to use for spotted bass.  Wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve or fish them slowly on a jighead or drop shot rig.  Most ringworms on the market are 4″ long which is a perfect size for targeting spotted bass.  It’s an action bait and it will catch bigger fish too.

Swimming Worms are becoming more popular with some of the newer types of swim worms to emerge on the market.  Most of the swimming worms are larger and they will work, but some of the worms in the 5 inch range are probably going to work much better than those bigger worms.

Wacky Worms may be the most popular types of worms to fish weightless.  The wacky style rig has swept the country and bass anglers can’t get enough of this technique.  While it may be more popular for anglers to use wacky worms for largemouth bass, the standard 5″ wacky worms are the perfect size for catching spotted bass too.  You can go smaller or larger with the worms, but the 5″ size tends to work great for catching numbers of bass as well as bigger fish too.