Deep Water

If you want to consistently catch spotted bass, you need to learn how to fish deeper water. There are times when the spots will be shallow, but just like smallmouth bass, if you learn how to fish deeper water, you’re going to have a lot more success.

Get Right on the Drop-off

Whether you are fishing a deep water shoreline or offshore structure, a lot of spotted bass are going to be right on the drop-off.  So, when the water breaks sharply from the shallows to the deep, this is the area you want to spend more time on while fishing deep water.  Keep your baits in these strike zones longer and you’ll catch more fish.

Go Vertical with a Drop Shot Rig

Learn how to fish deep water structure vertically with a drop shot rig and you will catch way more spotted bass.  It is arguably the best way to fish deep water for spots.  Find the structure, drop your favorite bait down, give it a few twitches and hang on.

Use Heavier Weights

This is easy.  Use heavier jigheads, heavier drop shot weights, heavier swimbait hooks. You have to get down to the appropriate depth quickly or you aren’t going to catch many fish.

Slow Troll Deep Water Drop-offs

Use your trolling motor and your favorite bottom rig to slow troll the deep water drop-offs. You need to cover a little bit of water, but make sure you are going slow enough so you are still staying close to vertical with your presentation.  Once you find the hot spot, stop trolling and pick off several more bass in that spot.  Spotted bass usually school up in deeper water, so this is a great technique to find bass.  Once you find them, it’s time to stay there and just keep catching.

Suspended Bass

Spotted bass will often suspend above the bottom throughout the water column.  From spring through fall, you can always find some bass suspended, however, catching these fish can be quite tricky at times and at other times, it may seem super easy.  The hard part is finding the fish.  Use your electronics to find the schools of fish then make sure your baits are at the proper depths while fishing for them.