Fishing Line Recommendations

The type and strength of your fishing line will depend on the type of fishing and where you are fishing.

Clear Water Finesse Fishing

If you are fishing clear water, the key to getting more bites is down-sizing your line.  6 pound line is ideal for getting more bites, but strong enough to avoid snapping your line if you know what you’re doing.  When the bite is finicky in clear water, stay in the 6 to 8 pound range and use fluorocarbon line or at the very least, a flourocarbon leader.

Murky Water

When fishing murkier water, you can go heavier if you want with your fishing line.  For most situations, 10 pound line will work well since most spotted bass aren’t very big.  However, if you are targeting some bigger spotted bass and the water is murky, you can easily get away with 20 pound line and you won’t need a fluorocarbon leader.