Most bodies of water provide a very good morning bite for spotted bass, however, the water temperatures and the time of year will also play a role in the morning bite.

Cooler Water Temps

When the water temperatures are in the low 50s and lower, the morning bite can still be good, however, you can usually experience a better peak bite later in the day and in the evening as you will combine warmer water temperatures and a peak feeding period.  When the water is cold, you may do better fishing later in the day.  If the morning is your only time to fish, try to find productive areas and fish slower.  The deeper water structure will usually provide better fishing.

Warmer Water Temps

With water temperatures in the mid 50s and all the way up, there is usually a peak feeding time in the morning for spotted bass.  There are obviously other variables that can affect the fishing, but early morning is pretty consistent for providing good fishing.  With warmer water temperatures, you may even experience a good topwater bite as well.