Murky Water

Spotted bass seem to prefer clear water, but they do live in some waters that are dark and murky.  There are definitely some things that you will need to know when targeting spotted bass in murky water.

Fish Shallower Compared to Clear Water

You don’t have to fish as deep in murky water.  In the spring, they can be found very shallow and in the summer and fall, you may not have to fish 30 to 35 feet down like you do on some clear water lakes.  There may be plenty of spotted bass in the 10 to 20 foot range during the summer and fall.  Being able to fish shallower makes it a lot easier on most anglers.

Fish Slower

There are always times that fishing fast will work in clear or dark water.  However, in murky water, slowing down is a great way to give the bass a chance to find and eat your bait.

Use Noisy Lures

Spotted bass love noisy lures, so use lures that have a rattle or a lot of vibration.  This will help the bass find your baits.  If you’re fishing with soft plastics, use the jighead or drop shot weight to tick the bottom.  That noise will usually help draw more strikes, especially in murky water.

Go Heavier with Your Tackle

You don’t have to go super heavy for most spotted bass waters since the average-sized fish will only be in the 1 to 2 pound range, however, if you want to break out the baitcaster with some heavier line, you can do so without sacrificing bites.  Most anglers will use 10 to 12 pound line, but you may want to go as heavy as 20 to 30 pound line if you are fishing heavy cover.

Brighten Up Your Lure Colors

The darker lures will still work, but the brighter lures will give the spotted bass a better chance to see your lures.  From the jigs to the actual baits, go brighter and you’ll catch more bass.

Use Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are great in murky water because the noise of the baits will help the bass find your bait.  From late spring through early fall, a good topwater bait can make all the difference.