Tubes & Crayfish Baits

Tubes are one of the better crayfish baits for spotted bass due to their size.  They are perfect for the smaller mouths of the spotted bass.  Fish them on a tube jig and bounce them along the bottom.  Tubes will work great around rocks and other cover.

Soft plastic chunk trailers are usually used as trailers to add to your favorite bass jig.  They work great and really make the jig look a lot more appealing to a hungry bass.  Some anglers will fish them on a drop shot rig and this is also a very effective technique.  These trailers (or pork chunks) simulate a small frog and when rigged on a drop shot rig, you can add a lot of action to the bait, which drives bass crazy.  Fish them around shallow water cover, on the bottom in deeper water or over open water for suspended spotted bass.

Crayfish baits work great for spotted bass.  Use the smaller baits that you would use more for smallmouth bass because the spotted bass can get them in their mouths easier.  You can have a lot of options for rigging these baits, but it’s tough to beat a shaky head jig.