Ringworms are one of the best soft plastic baits for smallmouth bass.  This finesse style worm looks great on a jighead and a drop shot rig.  Hop it along the bottom, twitch it repeatedly over deep water fish or in shallow water cover or swim it along slowly to cover some water and you will definitely catch some smallmouth bass with these ringworms.  Most ringworms on the market are 4″ long which is a perfect size for targeting smallmouth bass.  It’s an action bait and it will catch big fish too if you’re on a big fish lake.

Best Rigs for Ringworms


Jigheads are one of the best ways to fish ring worms.  Cast them out and either swim them in with a slow and steady retrieve or hop them along the bottom.

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is one of the better ways to work a ring worm, especially if the ring worms float.  The action is great with a lift and fall retrieve and you can also swim them slowly with this rig too.


You can fish ring worms on many of the underspins that are on the market.  Some underspins are a little big, but many of them work great.  Cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.

Scrounger Jighead

Scrounger jigheads work well with ring worms.  With the scrounger, you can bring the worm in with a slower retrieve which helps you work these baits in shallower water without getting hung up on the bottom.

Best Techniques for Using Ringworms for Smallmouth Bass

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Hop these along the bottom on a variety of different rigs and you’ll catch plenty of smallmouth bass.  A simple hop followed by a pause works great.

Shake Them

On a drop shot rig, anglers will just twitch these baits repeatedly while trying to keep the bait in the same location.  This is a great technique when fishing around cover or structure and you know there are some fish in the area.  The constant twitching drives smallmouth bass crazy.

Swim Them

Ringworm are awesome baits for a steady swimming retrieve.  Cast them out and wind them in slowly and get ready for the bite because it’s coming.